Lauren Dickinson Clarke - Moody muse CANDLE collection


A real muse lies behind every illustration which adorns our candles; an elusive and inspirational woman who has inspired & motivated the

Lauren's end goal is to always create illustrations which convey unique character. She hopes that through her candles, others will be able to express their own attitude & spirit.

The candle jars and hats are handmade in Stoke on Trent, the china is shaped by some of the most talented artisans in England, many of whom have been shaping china for over 50 years.

All of the candles are made of fine bone china clay, which has been sustainably sourced and are delicately finished with a hand-painted 22 Carat gold rim.

All candles are made using 100% Natural Wax, using sustainable rapeseed wax


Never tested on animals, GMO free, no intensive farming