light up north neon lights

Style it up with our collection of 'New In' bespoke NEON lighting

Light up North makes bespoke EL neon lights and illuminated art in North Yorkshire. Light up North wants to help you to Light up your life with their incredible range of Neon Luxury statement lighting and Art.  Got your own phrase of word and would like it put up in lights? Contact us and we can put you in touch in getting your own personal statement light!

All signs can be powered by mains or battery power. Its recommended to use a normal mains electrical socket as we find it more reliable. Each light is supplied with a mains adapter with each piece. We can also supply a battery pack (8 x 1.5v AA) should you wish to use your sign in a location where no mains power is available. It is possible to interchange from mains to battery pack, just let us know if this would work for you any queries please do not hesitate to ask