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Bringing the Inside OUT

Bring the Inside Out!

So its Summer time the sun is trying to shine!

I’m a massive garden lover although half the time I can’t tell you what is a weed and what isn’t! I think though as I am approaching my 40’s I’m starting to learn more names other than Daffodil or Tulip (well I am trying)! And how much putting your hands in soil and being outside is so good for the soul and your state of mental health.

So I thought I would compile some little top tips and some gardens ideas that are currently inspiring me! As with many of us planning on a Summer stay-cation it’s the perfect time to turn our attention to our outdoors space.

So my garden interior ideas are!

Furniture – this doesn’t have to be the plastic rattan effect that swooshed our patios in the last 10 years but you can look at many alternative styled chairs and tables. My favorites are the ones that have been built into the corners and then finished using blankets and cushions – although there could be an outlay on labour costs if you don’t have carpenter hands, materials are relatively cheap and you are able to create something completely bespoke and unique. I love to get my faux sheep skins that cover my dining chairs in winter and layer them over (my plastic rattan) adding texture and warmth – many of the high street retailers offer some brilliant faux rugs and out door cushions and covers! There are also some incredible beanbags that if you have the storage, make an incredible bohemian and relaxing vibe to your outdoor space.

Rugs! Rugs I hear you say! Out door rugs (mats) are brilliant at creating that focal point in you’re seating area and adds the element of extending your inside out by adding another room feel! There are some great designs currently available. Just don’t make my mistake by having it too close to the lawn and then getting it caught up in the lawn mower! Twice!

Heating! There is nothing worse than getting cold on a night in outside! And who doesn’t like a fire pit (just need to bare in mind) who else you share your household with as some fire pits are at the all to painful height of tiny hands! Our garden centre’s are really upping their game adding some really wow factor fire pits to the offering!

I also love it when guests come over to gather up some of my sofa blankets to add to the corners of my seating ready for when then stars start to shine.

Lighting! – So for a budget lighting and quick fixes! Fairy lights… These work great when you don’t get them tangled up! Wrapping round focal points of trees and branches or along garden fences. I tend to stick to just plain and white ones giving a soft approach, which blends in with any scheme. If you are looking for an investment in your outdoors lights we stock some incredible outdoor chandeliers, which give the complete WOW factor to your garden space.

Mirrors – If you have a small garden like mine – I have placed several mirrors at the end, giving the sense of opening up the space and they look fab catching the light. So next time you are in a charity shop or looking at selling sites, why don’t you consider looking if they have any quirky mirrors that you could use.

Parasols – this year’s hot trend and definitely on my list are the beautiful Indian inspired umbrellas. I love how sheik yet bohemian they look. There are some incredibly beautiful ones I have discovered for all budgets and if they’re not to your taste have you considered a grass one? Even when the sun is not shining using a brolly over your dining or seating area creates a sense of height and brings the space together.

Plants – When starting up the shop I temped picking plants part time for a garden wholesaler and learnt as much as I could about the plants I was picking. My top tip when choosing plants is go for the perennial type (now learning this word you will see it pop up in the garden centre’s) this means that the plant you are investing in! will grow back again next year! (As long as you water it in the meantime). Never be afraid to ask! Many garden centre workers are there because of their love of plants and will have a wealth of knowledge they will happily share and give you advice on what plants are best. Good things to be able to tell them are – the type of soil your garden lies on? Is it clay? Is it chalky? All these factors can and will effect the best plants to use as well as which area you will be looking to plant them in ie how much light will they be getting.

Watering – I was always ignorant and thought the garden food supplements were another way of us buying into something that doesn’t really work! (Eat my words) – plants need food! And plant feed really does work, just by adding some to you’re watering regime once a week and I assure you, you will see a difference. If your using pot plants be aware that over time the soil will loose its nutrients so every other year my advice is to replace with fresh compost. My top-feeding tip! When cooking or steaming you vegetables don’t throw away the water, instead let it cool and feed it to your plants! And lots of the nutrients from the veg will now be in the water which your plants will love, on this next time you eat a banana don’t throw away the skin – instead stick it in a mug of water overnight and add that to any indoor or outdoor plants that need a boost as that water will be now full of potassium! Your plants will be eternally grateful!

Have a gorgeous summer




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