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Kissed by Betty's Top 5 Tips for Helping Your Mental Health in the Home

Kissed by Bettys Top 5 Tips for Helping Your Mental Health in the Home #mentalhelthawarnessweek

1. De Clutter!

We are all guilty of holding onto unused and broken items and objects that we attach sentimental value you to. Feng Shui experts advocate massively the importance of regularly decluttering to help to get rid of any negative energy in the home and allowing the flow of energy back through. There is a great article with further info of how you can explore the benefits of Feng Shui You can also hire experts who will come into your home and help you do this! If this is not something you feel comfortable with or is not within your budget. Ask a friend! But make sure they are strong minded and someone that you know has your best interest! By getting someone outside the home will help you question items more easily and give you a more realistic opinion (as yours will no doubt be an emotional attachment one)

2. Make a List!

So, with the recent year I am sure many of you have attempted some form of DIY around the home and many of which might be unfinished. Break the lists down to each room so the tasks are manageable, listing each area with what needs doing. Really ask yourself is this something you can you do yourself? Or if you spend out a little in getting some help will the job actually then get finished? Using sites like or recommendations from friends and family for experts is a must and often can help save on those pennies.

3. Bring the Outside In

Plants can do wonder for our moods and the air in our home! And don’t be put off by worrying you will kill them! There are lots of groups and forums on social media with lots of enthusiasts willing to share hints and tips on keeping those leaves green! My favourite for facebooks is And if you are really worried go Faux! This will still give your home the sense of fresh earthy vibe without the risk of any killings! There are some fab independent UK online retailers that offer a wide range of plants and all the information you need why don’t you have a look at Beards & Daisies for some ideas!

4. Lighting

Now hopefully with the warmer weather approaching we are able to venture outside to absorb the important vitamin D if not I totally recommend looking into lights and bulbs that are specifically designed to emit and replicate our wonderful Suns Powers. People who suffer from seasonal affective disorder “find that light therapy can help improve their mood considerably” (.

Also, by adding soft down lights and dimmers allows our eyes to rest! With the increase in screen time, it is more important than Eva to give those beauties a break!

5. Shake things Up

We have all been in our homes more than ever this past year! And hopefully not that much again! Feng Shui experts also recommend moving your furniture around regularly (something I was forever doing as a kid). By moving items and furniture around the room allows for the energy to re shift and reach new places! Plus, you might be surprised by how making small changes can really alter the mood and feel of the space.

I totally recommend looking at the basic principles of Feng Shui and if you haven’t checked out the Guru Marie Kondo, she even had a series on Netflix “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo” to help inspire you to live a more decluttered life and essentially a happy one assisting to protect and promote a positive effect on our mental health.

Our home should be our haven and its so important to keep it that way. Stay happy x

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