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My First KBB Blog Eeeeeek all about Meeeeeee well sort of

First Kissed by Betty BLOG

I thought over the next couple of months I will try and write some Blogs on Trending Interior, Sourcing Sustainably and what that means, My top tips on Recycling and Up-cycling, Styling Your Home, Recommended Influencers and where I see the future of Interior World.

But first thought it a bit more helpful if you knew a bit about me. I am the first to avoid the camera or hide behind. I am dyslexic, which often stops me from writing. As I have built up a big fear in my mind that I cannot write…. But here I am and I going to give it a go in my own words and just rely on trusty spell check and not my retired Mum who happens to be an English teacher (the stubborn in me)! As I love to talk but never been a pen to paper girl unless we talking drawing.

I am 38 years old. I have 2 beautiful kids, a dog named David and a cat called Michael who I live with in the heart of West Sussex. We all have a passion for the sea (apart from the Cat) and hope one day to be living so near we can hear the waves.

My education was in Art and Design Management for the Creative Industries and recently completed a Diploma in online marketing, which almost blew my brain learning how this whole Internet search system works. I have had a wide verity of jobs over the years… mainly to work with my life (kids) from Cleaning to Cake Making, Selling Beer to the Selling of Incontinence Pads.

Always with a burning desire to do my own thing and having so many wild ideas and never the time or courage to give it a go!! But with a few life events, which we all go through, some more than others I got to such an unhappy place I thought I had to give it a go, as literally what was the worst, could happen? I loose it all? I am lucky enough I would be able to move in with me mum! (Not that I would want to go there) And I often think we forget sometimes how lucky some of us are and privileged we have things and my view is that I have been given so much freedom and choice I need to roll with it!!... She says still having every other day full of negative thoughts “I can’t do this”.

So I gave it to the universe and here I am in month 4 of my bricks and mortar and online shop and in month 1 of my Creative Business Consultancy (time for another Blog for that one) and it’s been an incredible journey of meeting so many incredible soles and talents and learning so much I am just loving it.

So back to more about me…. I am a keen drawer (doodler shall we say) and creative. I love quirky, eclectic but not too eclectic, I love bright colours but on other people and I like classic.

For example all the walls in my home are white! But the walls have quirky prints and I have the biggest picture of Kate Moss in my living room which is not in fact that big that itself. I am in love with home accessories and that is how I have come to find the many stockiest I have in my shop.

I love to cook…. And love a curry, a bit partial to the old garlic and have been known for having garlic like smell (yes I smell of garlic)

I love my Chanel Sun Glasses that I bought when I was having a bad day and had no money. And the kids know them as my 3rd Child and I think I am still paying back my credit card for them.

Oh and I am a wanna be 80’s DJ….. Will move on.

So through out all this I have loved finding, thrifting and giving old pieces of furniture back its life alongside helping friends and family style their home. This passion continued to grow and I created the opportunity to turn it into an actual shop and business. I developed the brand as finding an iconic image reminding me of me in my 20’s as I always had a packet of Marlboro lights or lucky strikes and Kissed by Betty opened its doors.

I have developed a range which I love and love to be able to share of old, and new finds. Hand made and if not it will be manufactured here in the UK, sustainable yet desirable, supporting independent as well as stocking some of the up and coming UK suppliers and a service where I can provide bespoke home styling to suit all needs.

And I am just looking forward to what the future holds for KBB!

Loads Love and thank you for reading,

Georgie xxx

AKA Betty x

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