Blindfold -2 Framed Printed Canvas

Peaceful, yet cheeky and daring the ‘blindfold’ collection of artworks take classical paintings from the past and gives them new meaning.

Designed by Young & Battaglia design studio in collaboration with guest digital artist Kirin Young.

The colour scheme of this collection is calming grey almost monochrome with accents of soft pink skin tones.

The artwork is mounted in a black box frame to complement the piece. These arts prints are a perfect elegant addition for a hotel bedroom or boudoir, adding a touch of 50 shades of grey meets national portrait gallery.



“… for this collection one of the challenges I faced was trying to make the blindfold look natural as possible and part of the original painting. I ended up photographing myself wearing blindfolds, attempting to recreate the exact same position and lighting as the original portrait, then superimposing this on to the original painting using digital techniques.” Kirin Young


The “Blindfold” wall art collection comprises of 5 designs, Blindfold 1, 3, 5 & 7.

Dimensions:​ 66cmx W 81.3cmH (1.9mm black box frame)

Lead Time: 1-5 days

Blindfold -2 Framed Printed Canvas