Heart Print; ‘Love Struck’ pink

Ahhh, those first wondrous days of falling, or just simply being in love, with a heady feeling that can only be described as being struck by a lightning bolt.

Of course, there was never a rule that said that love hearts have to always be red, so Doodlemoo’s comes in black, perfect for those who like a rock vibe edge to their art prints.

To add to its mass appeal, the marshmallow pink surround softens the overall look, with a rainbow coloured puddle proving that there is always room in the heart to love, love and love again.

Doodled and designed by us at Doodlemoo from our lovely studio in Reigate.

Available in 5 sizes and printed in our beautiful white 300gsm art paper.

Available in Blue and pink background.

Printed in our beautiful white 300gsm art paper.

Mailed in a sturdy tube for protection. (frame not included) They fit on Ikea frames or standard size frames.

Heart Print; 'Love Struck' pink