For those who don’t believe in love at first sight, it’s time to be proven wrong with the ‘Te Amo’ typographic print.

Beautifully set against a backdrop of marshmallow pink or grey, this is the perfect way to express those heartfelt emotions courtesy of the Spanish language, a country well known for not being afraid to embrace the power of love. This is not just about ‘Amo’ but this is ‘Te Amo’, with a depth of love that knows no bounds the overwhelming feature of this statement print.  In Spanish we have two words for ‘I LOVE YOU’ one that you use for your family and friends ‘TE QUIERO’ and then one that is the deep deep and big love which is ‘TE AMO’ so this print is for those super special people in your life! Perfect for Valentines and will add some colour and passion to any room in the house!

Naturally, Doodlemoo’s dedication to attention to detail is evident with carefully chosen colour blends and bordered lettering. The result is a print that will look as stunning on a child’s bedroom wall as it will in a contemporary living room, dining area or indeed any room in a modern home, spreading the words of love from wall to wall.

TE AMO; Typographic print