The Himitsuhana Art Collection

Peaceful and intriguing the Himitsuhana collection of artworks take surrealism’s techniques and concepts and gives them new meaning. Designed by guest photo artist Himitsuhana. The colour scheme of this collection is predominantly calming light tones with areas of dark to create a dramatic effect. The artwork is mounted in a black or white box frame, depending on the design, to best complement the piece. These art prints are a perfect diverse addition for a restaurant or hall with a Renaissance or Baroque feel, adding a touch of Maab meets Caravaggio..


“… I think this collection is very relaxing yet a bit confusing because of the same expression of the faces. It is pleasing to watch it but somehow it makes you think something is wrong...” Himitsuhana


Printed canvas on sustainably sourced wood stretcher bars, and mounted inside a painted solid wood ‘box’ frame.


81.3cm high x 66cm wide



Himitsuhana started research in photography in 2007. She investigates the inner relation between photography and painting

Voice Canvas